Criminal Minds Star Trek AU

Orion Station is a Starfleet space station near the Orion Sector. The station has a very central location in Federation territory, making it a centre for culture and commerse. It is also the base for the USS Quantico, a nova-class starship, the small crew travelling Federation space and sometimes beyond to track down criminals most sought by the Federation.  

More notes on each character under the cut:

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❝I just kind of stay out of the way. It’s awkward for me because I don’t really like to be in the room when he’s signing stuff, because people will look at me and wonder, or make it something about me, saying I’m uncomfortable, and they’ll write on the internet, oh she’s so weird. I like to stay out of the way and watch him do his thing, because he has such a great personality. I think he can do anything. When you watch the one you love being loved by all these people, it warms your heart. It’s fun for me to watch. I’m a fan of Jensen’s.❞ - Danneel Ackles

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make me choose: sassy!sam x sassy!dean (anonymous)

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Jonny Lee Miller telling IGN at NYCC that Joan is a big reason for Sherlock returning to New York.

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